Should I See a Chiropractor or a Medical Doctor for my Back Pain?


After a long day in the yard pulling weeds, riding the lawnmower, and performing other twisting and bending movements, you notice stiffness in your low back. You think nothing of it until you wake up the following day and bend over to tie your shoe when suddenly you feel a sharp shooting pain in your low back. You wait a couple of days, wishfully thinking the discomfort will dissolve on its own, but to your frustration, it worsens and radiates into your legs. You decide to see a professional, but who should you see? A Medical Doctor? A Chiropractor?

When You See a Chiropractor

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1. You will receive a thorough physical exam and a health history assessment. We will rule out any "red flags" indicating a more severe condition requiring a referral to another healthcare professional. The goal is to identify your condition's root cause and pain source.