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Massage Therapists and Pilates Instructor Staff at The Studio - Eureka, MO

Fitness & Relaxation at The Studio

Cupping Therapy at The Studio - Eureka, MO

Your Health and Wellness is Our Goal

The Studio is privileged to provide Eureka and the surrounding communities with the best in yoga, and pilates, and massage therapy.
Our quiet, welcoming environment is the ideal retreat to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. Our staff are certified, experienced professionals. We honor industry standards and strive to be among the top studios in the St. Louis region. Our clientele are friendly, encouraging and supportive to one another as they fulfill their personal commitment to healthy living.
Our focus is your health and wellness. Our goal: to calm the mind, invigorate the body, and elevate your spirit.


The Beginning

The Studio, formerly known as The Yoga Tree, began in the back room of Comprehensive ChiropracticDarlene Feder knew the value of yoga and movement in a health and wellness model. Under her insistence, her son’s chiropractic office included a yoga studio. Her vision became the seed of who we are today. Starting with one yoga class a week, we have offered movement classes for our community for over 10 years. In 2003, Maureen came on board and began the Pilates program. We changed our name and expanded our program.


In 2007, we were blessed to move upstairs to our newly built space. The top floor of Comprehensive Chiropractic has become an oasis for health and wellness. With a Sedona-like feel, you walk in to another world at the top of the red staircase. Friendly staff and clientele encourage one another in all things good and healthy. Surrounded by beauty and quiet, we undertake methods for restoring health and vitality to body, mind and spirit. Achieve strength, freedom of movement, flexibility and balance through the Classic Pilates Method and the asana’s of Yoga in our sun-filled studio with bamboo flooring and 25 foot ceiling. Find peace and relaxation in our massage rooms, a quiet retreat from a busy world.


Join us for classes, or call to set up private or your small group time. Along with Pilates ClassesYoga, Massage Therapy, and we now offer MELT.

Our Philosophy

We at The Studio believe that our health is our greatest asset. Any effort we make towards taking care of ourselves is valuable and necessary. To achieve true health, we must tend to body, mind, and spirit. One aspect, infused with wellness, inexplicably affects the other parts of us.



Each effort made inspires more good choices. PilatesYoga and Massage Therapy at The Studio offer these benefits:

  • Alleviates stress.

  • Aids digestion.

  • Improves circulation.

  • Facilitates detoxification.

  • Strengthens, stretches, energizes the whole body.

  • Internal organs and glands are bathed in oxygen and nutrients.

  • Muscles and connective tissues are massaged and strengthened.

  • The nervous system is stimulated, quieted, and trained.

  • The minds ability to concentrate and focus are enhanced.

  • Elevates the spirit.

  • Infuses the self with an increased overall sense of well being.

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