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Matt Yancey, personal trainer at Comprehensiv Chiropractic in Eureka, MO

Meet Matt

"No matter the size of the mountain or the roughness of the sea, there is nothing on this world that is too difficult to overcome. "

Dealing with challenges, large or small, is part of life.  MOST people set goals to move past the challenges they face but do not follow through. SOME work alone to accomplish those goals, but fail along the way. FEW utilize teamwork to get the help they need to surpass their goals.


I am extremely passionate about helping my clients be a better version of themselves physically and mentally. That is why I make it my goal to help them reach theirs. Whether you are an athlete committed to increasing performance, recovering from an injury, or in need of weight loss Comprehensive Sports Performance is your answer to helping you GET BETTER!"



Get to Know the Comprehensive Sports Performance Difference

Correct Movement is Key

Proper functional movement improves results and is the goal for all my clients. 

Overseen By Physicians

Reaching your health and fitness goals often benefits from the collaboration of physician support. 

Our semi-private lessons allow coaching to be specific to your needs, in order to accomplish your goals. 

Specialized For Peak Performance

Benefits You Can Expect

Motivation to Reach YOUR Goals!



Group fitness class at Comprehensive Chiropractic Training Facility

How much does it cost?

Reaching your fitness goals has never been easier. With training sessions beginning for as little as $35 per session,  there is no better time than today to schedule a consultation with Comprehensive Sports Performance. 

Training Sessions Start at $35 per Session. 

Personal Training sessions take place at the Comprehensive Chiropractic Training Facility, located at 86 Hilltop Village Center Drive, Eureka, MO.