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Get the Right Personal Trainer to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Training Center

Personal training at Comprehensive Chiropractic Sports Performance is designed to help you create a better version of yourself physically and mentally.

Whether you are a trained athlete committed to increasing performance, recovering from an injury, or just want to get healthier or lose weight – our personal training programs will help you reach your goals and maintain your momentum!

Meet the Comprehensive Chiropractic & Sports Performance Personal Team

Thomas Tyndall 2022.jpg

Thomas Tyndall

Thomas is a Certified Elite Trainer through ISSA with certifications in Personal Training, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and Kettlebell Training and has trained a wide variety of age groups as well as athletes, general population, law enforcement, military and first responders with over 3,000 sessions of training. He also has extensive knowledge in sports performance training, running, swimming, and general health and wellness.

Meet Matt

Why Personal Training is Better at Comprehensive Chiropractic Sports Performance

Comprehensive Sports Performance Training

Correct Movement is Key

Proper functional movement improves results, reduces injury, and makes exercise easier. We help you use the proper muscles for every movement.

Physician Support Improves Results

Reaching your health and fitness goals is easier with the support of a physician. The Comprehensive Chiropractic Sports Performance staff consists of more than personal trainers. We are backed by clinicians and physicians. This helps ensure your goals are attainable in your time frame. 

Training Specific to Your Needs

Personal Training is not on-size-fits-all. Goals and abilities are quite different between individuals. Our semi-private lessons allow your personal training to be specific to your needs – creating better results.

How Much is a Personal Trainer?

We believe your fitness goals should be attainable AND affordable. Our personal training programs start as low as $35 per session.

Personal Training sessions take place at the Comprehensive Chiropractic Training Facility, located at 86 Hilltop Village Center Drive, Eureka, MO.

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