Is Back Pain Affecting Your Golf Game?

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Golfer bending over in pain - get healing at Comprehensive Chiropractic - St. Louis Missouri

Comprehensive Chiropractic & Sports Performance doctors favor golf as an out-of-the-office activity. We've each had our fair share of low back soreness after a weekend on the golf course but have learned both from our clinical experience as well as our personal endeavors how best to prevent back pain when golfing. Although golfing may not be a contact sport, it still puts a surprisingly significant strain on the human body. Estimates suggest that more than 50% of golfers will develop a chronic ailment, the most likely of which is lower back pain. The next closest is the left elbow at twenty-four percent, most likely due to tendonitis of the forearm commonly referred to as "golfer's elbow."

Are You at Risk for Low Back Pain?

Below are some of the most common findings that predict whether a golfer will have back pain in the future:

1. The golfer has reduced lead hip internal rotation – 43 degrees is ideal.